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Fuck St. Patrick's Day

 *This particular email was the ground-breaker that caused the popularity of "Father Knows Best" to skyrocket. It is followed by two emails from enraged friends.

Matt, Hi. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you about the Irish. Name me one thing an Irishman invented that doesn't have to do with alcohol or containers that hold alcohol. All they do is drink and sing. They had a potato famine for Christ sakes! A four year old can grow a potato in a glass in the kitchen and the Irish have a potato famine. I think the potato crop probably grew OK that year but they were too drunk and the crop rotted before they were sober enough to harvest it. So then they came over to America and became cops. The only reason they have a parade is because they get lonely drinking alone. But that's just my opinion I could be wrong.

By the way the Sopranos started a couple of weeks ago. Sundays on HBO.

Will be seeing you soon.





Copyright 2005 Matt Morales